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White is often miscast as a modern-day paragon of “authenticity” in music.

But in reality, this rockist caricature — whether it’s meant as a misguided compliment or a simplistic critique — doesn’t suit him.

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This predates the White Stripes and his relationship with Meg White.

In this hypothetical conversation, I would counter by arguing that no matter when the lyrics were written, White’s choice to pick some lines over others amounts to recontextualizing those lyrics in accordance with his current state of mind.

“Three Women” is a straightforward story about a guy with his own harem.

There is nothing to suggest that it is a personal account or a manifesto on male-female relationships.

Lime’s old pal, destitute pulp writer Holly Martins (played by frequent Welles cohort Joseph Cotten), is the film’s ostensible protagonist.