updating your router - Wbr 1310 not updating firmware

This router has known issues with Vo IP services if SIP ALG is not disabled.Disable the SIP ALG setting on the router available in firmware releases 2.2.4 and higher.The router's NAT service for SIP should be disabled, with the command: no ip nat service sip udp port 5060 For Firewall versions SIP ALG needs disabling: no fixup sip D-Link Models: DIR-615, EBR-2310 Current Status: Compatible after Changes, Hardware Revision B Only Recommendation: Disable SIP ALG Comments: This applies to Hardware Revision B only.

IOS firewall for stateful packet inspection can be left running with no obvious or delayed effects.

Models: General Current Status: Compatible; may require changes Recommendation: Will work but models vary and changes will be required Comments: The Cisco routers encountered are generally compatible with IPVS, but may require some changes.

Whenever possible you should choose a router that has Qo S (Quality of Service) if you plan to share the same internet connection with non-Vo IP services (such as desktop computers) but please note shared connections are not supported for Quality Issues and we do not recommend using Broadband ADSL based services for more than 2 handsets on a shared connection.

You should ensure that all devices are running the latest stable firmware from the vendor.

So, there are two ways to get the password of your management interface.