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This component included some characteristics of their current residence, several expectations questions, a question about weekly family activities, and two questions concerning the respondent's income from the previous year.Finally, respondents were asked whether the interviewer they had in round 4 was the same one who conducted their interview in round 3.

To confirm that the interview was conducted properly, respondents are asked whether the interview took place, length of the interview, mode of the interview, number of sessions required, and whether the incentive payments were made.

To assess data quality, respondents are asked a few questions from the survey. The data are analyzed to compare the responses in the interview and validation reinterview.

Context: Instrument validation is an important facet of survey research methods and athletic trainers must be aware of the important underlying principles.

Objective: To discuss the process of survey development and validation, specifically the process of construct validation.

Background: Athletic training researchers frequently employ the use of survey research for topics such as clinical instruction and supervision, burnout, and professional development; however, researchers have not always used proper procedures to ensure instrument validity and reliability for the data collection process.