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When Georgia Peschel first heard police had raided CALM, a compassion club in Toronto, her initial panicked reaction was this: “Now where will my son get his marijuana? storefront, follow a doorman inside, and buy $140 worth of marijuana from the people at CALM, or Cannabis As Living Medicine.

”For the past three years, Peschel and her 17-year-old have made the hour-long drive into Toronto every two weeks. The Newmarket-area, church-going family hardly seem the type to frequent drug dens.

“There’s a sense of necessity when you need to break the law in order to achieve a greater good.”In 2001, in response to a court order, the federal government introduced the Marihuana Medical Access Regulations (MMAR), which established guidelines for allowing sick Canadians to possess marijuana.

But for stakeholders of the program, there is still one vital thing missing when it comes to medical marijuana: reasonable access.“I think the Medical Marijuana Access Division of Health Canada is the biggest oxymoron we have in federal government,” says Philippe Lucas, a Victoria city councillor and founder of the Vancouver Island Compassion Society.

Many users also complain the marijuana is vastly inferior to black market supplies, describing it as weak, irradiated (repugnant to many medical users) and inconvenient (orders are currently sent by mail).