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And Lydia will jump at any chance to do more match and basically show off her brain to everyone within hearing distance.""What about Jackson.""Fuck Jackson." And yeah, Derek should have expected that. I also know next to nothing about the San Jose Sharks, I've been to a couple of minor league hockey games, but nothing all that crazy.

I wrote this because I am procrastinating studying for finals, which is a horrible idea.

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Isaac is pretty much interested in anything that will guarantee him getting laid.

And Scott and Allison just want to use the cold rink as an excuse to cuddle.

So now, because Stiles believed that the pack needed to see a team of muscle heads beating the shit out of each other on ice, Derek was sitting next to Lydia who was whispering all kinds of math equations about velocity and angles, and “Why did you go over there you meat head?

It’s obviously going at an angle that will causes the other team to—oh, see? ” and Stiles who was sitting on the edge of his seat, and pointing out things to Erica, mainly about which players were about to beat the shit out of each other and which ones were fucking.

I got this idea by seeing all the funny reactions to random people getting paired up on kiss cams, and I thought it would be funny if the cameramen thought either Stiles or Derek was with someone else, and the other reacted by pulling the other out of the frame of the kiss cam for a kiss. As for the minor homophobia I mention in the tags, there are no slurs, just ignorant language and really, really ignorant people.