Siberia russian woman dating

So there have been times where we both could have gladly coshed the other over the head with a blunt instrument.But these things are normal in marriages aren’t they?

Picture: Michael Oliver-Semenov One I very much wanted to avoid and would have had my editor and wife not goaded me into providing an answer.

I must tread carefully as my wife and editor are both Siberian women and I don’t want to lose this space on the Times or wake up to find I have had parts of me removed by a very angry wife.

Although she may look ancient, in her head she is still 20; and regardless of the fact she can barely walk unaided, she still prefers to cook her own meals and likes to visit the dacha in summer too.

So to answer your question regarding Siberian women being tougher than other women, I can’t exactly say for sure.

I have a habit of writing late at night but Nastya likes to watch movies with me before she sleeps.