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I'll buy a loaf of bread from the dollar store and stretch it, and if I have bread and milk, I'm fine.

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Sounds like a lineup, but for the curious, Asian, male, about 5'7 or 170cm tall, average build (probably from the running/general purpose exercise), with black hair and brown eyes. In case you get bored and don't even make it past this line, important bit first, My name is Alisha. That is as much as you will get out of me regarding my location. I’m into sensuality as well as brutal fucking and everything in between.

I like to top mostly but will bottom with the right partners.

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Here I could just get an overview of everything I would be eligible for, and I feel confident that [you] understand what kind of stuff I am eligible for, as opposed to me running around trying to figure it out on my own. I had no idea who to turn to, or how to get help and I just want to tell you how much I appreciate you all.

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    After a report is submitted it is sent to the director of the local APS unit, who will determine the appropriate next step.

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    Though Bristol confessed that while growing up she was the golden child, that all changed when she "started dating Levi." "Our little world kind of stopped spinning the day that Bristol came to us and told us she was pregnant," mom Sarah said during the show.

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