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Imagine if you brought this persistence and motivation to please into, say, cleaning the kitchen?

If your wife wants you to use Windex and papertowels and concentric circles on the countertop, follow these directions to the letter and with a smile, as you would if she was telling you what she wanted in bed.

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A virtual room dedicated to moms is another option for connecting moms from all around the globe.

You can of course try to find other moms through chat room but it's easier if you look for ones meant solely for mothers.

If you’re as into your wife’s skirmishes with her coworker as you are into her telling you she wants your body, then she, ironically, will want your body more.2.

“Tell me exactly what you like.”You entreat your wife to tell you what she wants in bed (unless you’re this guy), down to the smallest explicit detail, and then you actually try to do what she asks.

Cafe Mom: Cafe Mom offers a unique selection of forums to connect with other moms. Baby Bumps: This is a Reddit forum with thousands of users.