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the report of the com- misaion, (vayam* declares: f There is s passage in Lftfrtei^re's address of which Louisiana may well be prond and of which she can boast as spoken by one of her children in 17ft8. Both are fed by litierty and competition, which are the nursing mothers of the State, of which the Hpint of monopoly is the tyrant and stepmother. De8|)oti Km breeds pusillanimity and dee|iens the abyss of rict^. ♦ ♦ • The people here are neither vicions nor addicted to debauchery nor oppoee4l to onr habits, although in many respects those habits disagree with their taste.

Man is considered as sinning before Clod only because he nftains his free will." It is not hanl Xo w*e lelwt»en tho lines that the projwt of forming a republic wa M How tn the minds of these rt*l)el H, but Spain was too pnmipt for the mther tanly acticm of the colonists consequent upon *Chiyanv. They have some of their own, as other people have, to which they are much attached, and this is very natural. the French Capuchins] may do in their cells and wliat their secret sins may be I can not tell, but I know that they give no hud examples, and that they inculcate no unsound doctrine.

Those habits are not in conflict with the pri- mordial obligations of society: they are nut to be eradicated at once, but must be remoyed gradually and almost imiten'eptibly. And how many times d^)es it not happen that the preacher *8 Hermons and his acts are at varianc(^!

How comes the prelate to be aci|uainted with the existeniv of crimes which, monstrous as they are repre- sented to l)e.

Galvez was not content with mere ina(*tion, luit marche years of age.