Poop dating

Relationships should come with realistic expectations. If you tell your new boyfriend that you looooove hiking, and then reveal three months in that you actually hate hiking and only told him that to look cool, you are going to look like an asshole.

Instead of shaming people or making fun of our partners for taking a big, old, smelly poop, we should be CELEBRATING.

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Poop dating

O., you have got big stinky problems and they can't be held in or flushed away.

Do you seriously want to spend a quarter of a year convincing your partner you don't poop? If my boyfriend never pooped, I would be worried about his body, not how smelly a poop can be. If you give someone the wrong impression at the beginning of a relationship, they're going to be pretty pissed when they find out you were making something up about yourself.

It actually says a lot more about the state of your relationship than it does about the state of your bowels.

If you'd rather be constipated than poop in the same apartment as your S.

We should be so happy for our significant others for having healthy bodies that expel toxins on a daily basis.