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Just like in any other country, there are ugly ducks and beautiful girls on Tinder.

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Sub-boards: Rules and Presentation of your Blog, Foods and Drinks, Animals and Pets, Business and Advertisements, Sports and Hobbies, Science and Knowledge, Natures and Escape, Games and RPG, Computer and Internet, Family and Society, Graphics, Music, Religion and Tradition, Government and Politics, Beauty, Designs and Fashion, Health and Fitness, Others Health and Fitness, Foods and drinks, Beauty and Fashions, and other talks related to our lifestyles.

Banter should be saved for the date, to build comfort. So you won't find the poorest girls on there, which is good in my opinion.

Meet in a coffee place in a non-sketchy neighbourhood and after an hour take them upstairs. I want to minimise doubts about a girls intentions as it takes too much mental energy.

When I was in Manila, I lived in Makati which is the "business" part of town.