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Recognize what truly makes a person confident and why it is attractive to your date.

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Your guy will want to be in more physical contact with you and continue the flirty conversation—just make sure you’re not being too physically suggestive too fast, or you might freak the guy out.

“The key to flirting is less is more,” Waldon says. ) text “After our second date, I texted a guy a smiley face right after he dropped me off,” says Alicia*, a senior at UNC.

You’ll already be flirting before you even start talking.

Use the “3 second smile” rule Patti Feinstein, known as America’s Dating Coach, calls this move the “one, two, three smile.” She suggests looking at your guy for three seconds, flashing a sexy smile, and then looking away. Wanis suggests licking your lips subtly while maintaining eye contact. Twirl your hair around your finger This may sound like the oldest trick in the book, but Feinstein and Dr. It’s a classic flirty move and will definitely let the guy know you’re interested in him.

But the one thing they have in common is difficulty in meeting the right person.