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Direct flights to Papua New Guinea from Australia depart from Sydney, Brisbane and Cairns.

The shortest flight duration is from Cairns with a flight time of under 2 hours.

Located just 8 kilometres from downtown Port Moresby, Jacksons now has a specialised international terminal.

"Though the addition of Farhh ensures a new foe, it will still be one of the biggest shocks ever seen on a racetrack if Frankel does not make it win No 12," said the firm's spokesman, David Stevens.

A Frenchman who lost all his limbs has completed the latest stage of his round-the-world swimming odyssey, reaching Jordan using custom-made flippers to propel himself through the Red Sea from Egypt.

A trip around Rabaul is best done with a visit to Kabaira dive, and the attractions of Vanimo Kavieng and Mount Hagen are also among some of the most unique and unusual you will ever partake in during your worldly travels.

But for many, a trip to PNG is all about Kokoda trekking and retracing the footsteps of our fallen soldiers who fought for freedom in the Pacific during World War II.

Affectionately referred to as PNG, Papua New Guinea is the place to explore wildlife, the highlands, the jungles and the historical tracks of the Kokoda and Mendi Valley – this rich landscape has various sights to see.