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If the chat console is empty, Enter simply closes it instead.For a number of reasons, there may come a time when you want to stop receiving messages from a fellow summoner.” “space” “GUARDS”) Whisper: Prefixing your words with a semi colon, followed by a space, allows you to whisper. Emote: Since emotions can not be conveyed by facial expression or voice inflection an emote is used. The keystrokes are the same but for legacy chat off precede each command by pressing the ‘enter’ key.

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Face to Face | Groups | Communications Crystals | Global Chat | There are a number of ways to communicate within the game; ‘face to face’ communication, group communication (guilds, alliances and parties), broadcast through ‘speakers’ (communication crystals) for events and global chat channels.

When communicating with people visible to you in game you have the option to speak, yell, whisper or emote by using different keystroke combinations preceding your message.

“/” “space” “meet at the crossroads”) To speak to any online guild mates through ‘guild chat’ precede each message with a back slash, followed by a space (e.g.

“\” “space” “return to the guild house”) To speak to a member of your alliance through ‘alliance chat’ (which will also include guildmates of course) precede each message with shift backslash, followed by a space (e.g. ”) As above, for ‘legacy chat off’ add ‘enter’ before each command To speak to party members precede your message with slash p, space (e.g.

“/s” “space” “Good morning”) Yell: Precede your message with slash y followed by a space(e.g.