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As important as this rivalry is, there’d be little sense in trying to play through the worst of this storm, if it’s nearly as bad as radar images suggest it will be.It’s exceedingly rare for a delayed game to not get finished eventually, and this one will certainly wrap at some point.Basic Home Weather Stations Complete Home Weather Stations Digital & Wireless Thermometers Classic Dial Thermometers Manual Rain Gauges Classic Tube Thermometers Analog Wall Clocks Digital & Wireless Rain Gauges Digital Wall & Table Clocks Digital Hygrometers Handheld Anemometers Portable Weather Radios Analog Clock/Thermometer Combos Web/Alert Thermometers La Crosse Accessories Analog Hygrometers Projection Clocks Digital & Wireless Thermometers Digital thermometers offer easy-to-read displays and affordable pricing.

More pressingly, there was a tornado warning not far from Ann Arbor.

That’s the thing boxed in by red lines here, not far to the northwest of Ann Arbor: You can follow the storm’s radar images here.

In hindsight, I wouldn’t want it to have been any other way.

These four “hobbies” and my insatiable thirst for knowledge served me well with my chosen career as a television weatherman; a career that spanned three decades, three time zones, six states and six television stations.

My photography hobby came next as dad gave me his old 35mm Yashcia to use on a family summer trip to Oregon when I was 14. My dad sold World Book encyclopedias while he was getting his Masters Degree in secondary education so we had a set of 1972 encyclopedia’s that this young boy who loved learning always kept a “letter” (the letter “S” was two volumes in size) volume of beside his bed just for some light reading.