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(this is great for research and gives you a real ‘fly on the wall’ insight into the minds of your visitors… This means that irrespective of our future subscription pricing (which will be considerably higher) you will never be asked to pay more at renewal time than the amount you paid during initial sign up.

If you choose our ‘Unlimited Plan’ you will also receive complimentary access to the ‘Chat Jacker’ functionality at no extra cost (future account holders will likely be asked to purchase this separately as an add-on) Upgrading: If you have a ‘Starter’ or ‘Smarter’ plan you will be able to upgrade to an ‘Unlimited’ plan from inside your account if and when required.

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Welcome to my Chit Chat Chimp review & software tutorial.

You have probably visited websites where an interactive bot answers your most basic questions and allows you to go on your way without waiting for a response from support.

During the ‘learning phase’ your bot won’t know the answer to many questions so we give you the option to pre-load default replies such as “I’m sorry I don’t know the answer to that question” or “I’ll have to direct you to the help desk to get an answer on that” You can enter as many default responses as you need depending on your bots purpose and how your business works.

When you login to your account dashboard you’ll see a list of questions your bot could not answer – Now you can go through these and provide single or multiple replies so the next time the bot is asked the same question it will know how to respond.

” you could add in the following answers Just enter the first answer then hit return to enter another and now your bot can respond to the same question with multiple replies (great for entertainment/engagement bots) When you answer an ‘unanswered’ question it moves from the unanswered list to answered list where you can subsequently change or edit the replies if the answers ever need to be modified or updated.

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    However, We may from time to time store logs and messages to improve our chatting experience or to prevent spamming and for moderation purposes.

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