Milo confirms dating hayden

Costume designer Michele Clapton wants to give "fans a challenge" with Dany's white fur coat.

Depending on what kind of fake fur you can get your hands on, she suggests a couple ways of going about replicating the Mother of Dragons' look."I think they should get fake fur and cut into it like we did in the back.

I put it to him and he denied it, but at the end of the interview I was more convinced than ever,' he said later in the program.

Yiannopolous later in the morning insisted Donald Trump be referred to as 'daddy' and joked feminists should be killed in a bizarre radio interview.

I don't know why it should be weird that a gay guy should be sceptical or fearful of Islam.'I don't find anything odd about me really.

'To find me peculiar or strange or that I'm putting it on, you have to sign up to this idea of identity politics that just because people are black or gay they have to have particular political views.'Koch was unconvinced. When Wright said he gave the same answer in every interview he countered: 'Well then you should ask different questions, darling.'Wright said: 'I'm just about to.

Appearing on Channel Seven on Monday morning, Koch asked Yiannopolous: 'Do you actually believe in what you say, or are you just trying to stir the pot?