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Rogue landlords are exploiting vulnerable people by offering free accommodation in exchange for sex, charities have warned.

They say the deals take advantage of those unable to afford spiralling rents and 'go as close to the edge of the law … Websites hosting adverts for such offers are being urged to tackle the problem.

If you have fibromyalgia, you've probably wondered if there are ways to modify your diet to improve symptoms such as fatigue and muscle pain.

Research hasn't shown that there are specific foods that all fibromyalgia patients should avoid or add to their diets.

It's all the bills, the rent, free.'But he added: 'You agree sort of like a couple of times a week, pop into my room sort of thing.'A landlord who defended the arrangement as a 'friend with benefits' situation, added: 'You can argue that high rent charged by landlords is taking advantage too.'There's no compulsion for them to do this. I am the last type of person who'd like to take advantage. I see it as a win-win situation.'He rejected claims it could be construed as sexual exploitation, saying that people working in jobs they did not enjoy was 'like a form of prostitution'.