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Rather, Monero was introduced (under the original name of Bit Monero) as a fork of Bytecoin (BCN).

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This process was aided by measured, thoughtful statements from its more public-facing developer, Riccardo Spagni, and a seemingly deliberate avoidance of hype.

Distinct from the majority of altcoins, Monero (XMR) wasn’t cloned from Satoshi’s ever-evolving Bitcoin codebase.

Across forums, social media, image boards and other such venues where coins are routinely pumped, Monero was seldom mentioned and often dismissed as a boring coin with a clunky name, lack of GUI (graphical user interface) wallet and inadequate PR.

Meanwhile, various cryptocurrency experts were referring to Monero with a degree of respect notably absent from their assessment of (most) other altcoins: By winning over trusted people through the merits of its code, Monero has gradually acquired a reputation for reliability and competence.

You can verify this yourself by putting a publicized Monero address (which likely contains some XMR) into the Monero block explorer: If you were to send XMR to an “address,” in reality the encoded stealth address described above, it’d arrive as several discrete payment units.