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In terms of health, some raw vegans hold the belief that cooking foods destroys the complex balance of micronutrients.

They may also believe that, in the cooking process, dangerous chemicals are produced by the heat interaction with fat, protein, and carbohydrates such as advanced glycation end-products (AGEs) The gourmet approach to raw veganism typically use dehydrators to "cook" food like crackers, and make dishes such as nut cheeses, "pasta" (usually zucchini cut as long curly strips), "soups", or green smoothies.

Since then has published more than 5 books and over 30 different courses on the subject, including The Raw Secrets.

In addition to writing about the raw-food diet to his list of 20,000 readers, Frederic also teaches Internet Marketing and travels to tropical climes whenever possible to avoid the brutal Canadian winters. I was really looking foward to the raw fat free aspects of this, but had a hard time staying awake through this.

- How to make your own fat-free dressings, vegetable soups, entrees and more all 100% raw!