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The hotel occupies a pricey piece of sky, beginning on the 41st floor of a high-rise in the city's Shinjuku neighborhood.

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The menu is varied: sweet offerings (see above), omelets, sandwiches (Cuban, falafel), salads (including a tasty Cobb) and pastas.

When the weather's nice, we recommend grabbing a table on the patio. They sell Japanese food of different forms and flavors -- grilled meat, seafood, veggies, the works -- along with sweaty mugs of draft beer and whisky soda.

It's also a one-stop center for the best of Japan -- culture, quality products and impeccable service.

The city has endured the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923, bombings of World War II, the implosion of its housing bubble in the 1990s and heavy effects of the March 2011 tsunami/earthquake that hit Japan.

But trust us: once you try them, with their lightly salted crusts, you won't want for anything else.