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She didn’t flat out say that she was, but she wouldn’t say that she wasn’t talking about him a new chat with Necole, K talked about her new album, specifically a song called “Maybe I Should Call.” The song, which is actually pretty good, includes lyrics like this: that [although] people don’t want to be heartbroken, I really thank God for this heartbreak because I wouldn’t have had these songs.Earlier this year Idris got back together with make-up artist Naiyana Garth and has shared pictures of her on his Instagram. Elba was recently forced to deny in no uncertain terms that he was in a relationship with Madonna after the singer went to his first kickboxing fight in London.

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I’m so sad this is where we are.’ Sh*t I ain’t that sad.

It’s a sad situation but I got records from it.” But when Necole finally asked her straight up whether or not she was talking about Idris Elba, a cat seemed to have jumped on her tongue.

‘He was very flirty and was acting very much like a single man,’ they said.

‘At about 2.30am they left holding hands.’ Whatever Idris is saying in the pic has clearly given Jourdan, 26, the giggles.

Elba and Campbell became friends in 2014 after the 43-year-old actor took part in Fashion For Relief charity event, Mail Online reported.