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Yet, a year removed from “retirement” and in need of a tag team partner, Flair came begging to Sting to help him against former friend Arn Anderson, swearing up and down that he had changed, when we all knew he hadn’t.

There’s a famous fable about the scorpion who asks the frog for a ride across the river, promising that he won’t sting because then they would both drown.

And then, halfway into the trip, the scorpion does it anyway, because he’s a scorpion and that’s what he does.

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As noted, WWE Superstar Big Cass was interviewed for Sam Roberts' Wrestling Podcast shortly before going down with a torn ACL.

Among other things, Cass talked about who he modelled his ringwork after, who he (figuratively) looks up to behind-the-scenes, being on a different brand than his real life girlfriend, Ms.

In particular, the storyline in 1995 was tremendous because Sting knows full well how much of a liar that supposedly reformed Flair is, but he desperately wants him not to be, to the point where he even points out several times to Flair that Flair is obviously going to turn on him…but then he teams up with him anyway!

Then, Flair turns on him, reforming the Four Horsemen with Arn Anderson and Brian Pillman after faking an injury and pretending to wait on the apron for a tag from Sting.

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