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The barbarians, in the form of the Dark Age religion of Islam, are standing at the gate as the West is becoming effeminate, weak and impotent.

As Western male dominance collapses, and because nature does not exist in a vacuum, feminists and socialists embrace a posture of surrender, inviting the Islamic jihadists to conquer and rape our culture into submission.

This suggests that the sexual organization of society determines its social organization and division of labor, according to its adapted reproductive strategy, selected in the evolution of sex.

In contrast to ants, which are all female societies (a feminist utopia), in human societies, the males play a dominant and active role in pair-bonding with females to create the family structure and raise the children.

Likewise, art historian and self-described lesbian, transgender and dissident feminist, Camille Paglia captures the essence of sex in structuring the personality through human history in her masterpiece, Sexual Personae: Judaism, Christianity’s parent sect, is the most powerful of protests against nature.