Gravatar image not updating

As such you may have started with a profile Image which shows up on your blog or website and after some time you may decide to change your Image.

Easier said than done as in most cases when you decide to change your Gravatar Image you may realize that: My New Gravatar Image is not updating as it should. This was happening to be recently and I found that I was only able to fix the issue after trying a few things which I am sure will help you out as well.

The first argument you pass it must be a user's ID, email address or the comment object.

You can then specify the size of the returned Gravatar, the URL for the default image you want to display if a user does not have a Gravatar, and the alternate text for the Gravatar image.

I would like to use the Gravatar image with our Blogs, but it is not updating from the default image.

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