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Pray for the mayors and government officials of all cities and towns throughout the Lehigh Valley.

We’ve heard the rumours and we’re trying to find out exactly what’s happened.' Sajjad, Khan's father, has spoken frequently about their marriage, questioning if they were truly happy, while hoping they could stay together so that their daughter would not suffer.

He previously said: 'She’s a gold digger and she’s very false, in fact she’s 100 per cent fake and my son and we are all finally seeing through her.' This morning Makhdoom tweeted a cryptic message calling for 'patience' as the dust settles after their astonishing feud.

In the Instagram story which appeared on Ms Becknazar's page @principessa_persiana, Khan is in the back of a car with her and can be heard saying: 'Hey what's up? Just chilling in Dubai'He was spotted by a reporter for the Sunday Mirror trudging back to his £160-a-night hotel room near the the world’s tallest building the Burj Khalifa. Khan wrote: 'Mid August I'm off to San Francisco to start my training. Get back on top with big fights.'To which user Dan Irving, Manchester United season ticket holder, responded with: 'Finally, you've managed to take something on the chin,' poking fun at the light-welterweight's struggles in the past to take a punch.

Makhdoom has shared her first selfie yesterday since the Twitter bust-up with husband Amir Khan saying 'hold your head high', shortly after retweeting a message from the Koran on social media warning people to 'show no arrogance'.

Makhdoom later claimed her account had been hacked and deleted nearly all of her tweets from the row.

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