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Mr Goodenough said the alternative bill contains protections for parents and schools with strong religious views."To allow those schools to teach their students about the traditional view of marriage without necessarily having to provide the full spectrum of views on marriage." Mr Goodenough said the bill also includes amendments to protect faith-based charities like the Salvation Army, Anglicare and St Vincent de Paul from losing funding."Any government funding for these programs would be under threat," Mr Goodenough said."I think a number of [overseas] charities may have lost their charitable status due to inconsistencies with marriage legislation, so they were faced with the dilemma of having to change their constitution, if you like, in order to comply with the legislation."Mr Entsch said Australians wanted the issue dealt with if the postal survey returned a Yes vote."There will be very little tolerance within the Australian public if the majority of people are saying yes, then you're going to find a group of individuals that are going to continue to try and manipulate the process or invent further ways of kicking the can down the road," Mr Entsch said.

If the alternative same-sex marriage bill is presented to Parliament, it could further fuel the ongoing feud between moderates and conservatives in the Coalition.

Ms Plibersek: The Kings School goes up in Sydney, Geelong Grammar goes up, Churchie in Brisbane goes up. Senator Birmingham: We said we should stick to the formula the Gonski panel recommended, that is based on a needs-based calculation of Indigenous student numbers. If you're going to have a Gonski needs-based formula. Senator Birmingham: That is the fourth time you've interrupted me. Jones: It's a good idea to let Simon finish his point. You weren't elected to play the blame game."Sex education was also a hot-button issue for the panel.