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Research by showed it is possible to pay as little as £9.99 for a friend to travel with you on a budget flight from the UK to mainland Europe but no less than £20 for an infant on your lap.It is also possible to book a flight with bmibaby on which the adult fare is just 4 pence plus taxes but you will need to pay £25 each way for your baby.

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Easyjet and bmibaby say they will allow parents to book their infant into an adult seat and pay the adult rate if that price is less than the fixed-rate infant fare.

That comes with the added luxury of more space and the same hand luggage entitlement as any other adult.

"The flat charge for infants is regardless of whether the starting fare for a flight is 9.99 pounds or 69.99 pounds.

"In the majority of cases the infant price is substantially less than the adult fare.

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