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As Chief Product Officer at Spot Hero, Anthony Broad­-Crawford is responsible for product strategy, focusing on product design, user research, user experience, and data science.

Previously, Anthony was Chief Technology Officer at Fooda, where he led product, design and engineering. in Computer Science from Bowling Green State University and has created nine patent-­receiving technologies.

Mark has penned articles for parking industry publications Parking Today and Parking Magazine and regularly speaks at technology, entrepreneur and parking conferences across the country. Larry spent a number of years designing microprocessors for Advanced Micro Devices and then building mobile devices for Motorola before he founded Spot Hero. Connie Capone is Chief Financial Officer at Spot Hero.

Before founding Spot Hero, Mark was a Financial Analyst at Bank of America. In this role, she oversees the company’s financial functions as it enters its next phase of growth, and brings extensive experience from her previous roles in operations, consulting and venture capital.

(Chicago's first Ball Culture House), Aaron "Binky" Avant-Garde informed his "house parents" (Wardell and Chanale) that he was ready to start his own group.

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