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For all our progress in understanding and treating mental illness, it continues to be a subject of misapprehension, prejudice and stigmatization.

The reason for that may be not its strangeness but its familiarity.

Unfortunately the inability to be in the present moment doesn’t change because someone went to treatment.

This lecture will explore the topic of mindfulness in recovery and offer tools that will allow recovering addicts to embrace their birthright of serenity and wellbeing. Eagan is a prominent Beverly Hills psychiatrist, Senior Fellow of The Meadows, and founder and CEO of Eagan Medical Group, LLC., a thriving mental health practice treating over 2000 patients annually.

This presentation outlines the latest research regarding the true source of addictions and offers treatment approaches based on science and compassion.

An international speaker and trainer on addiction, trauma and women’s issues, Rokelle is Senior Clinical Advisor for Crossroads Centre Antigua.

Multiple relationships; Cultural considerations; Sexual contact with clients, students, supervisees, former clients; Nonsexual multiple relationships; Rural and small communities; Working with vicarious traumatization; Compassion fatigue; Using the DOVE method of self care; Therapist impairment and self-care; Handling burnout; Wrap up and questions.