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in Tehsil Pilibangān, between Suratgarh and Hanumangarh in Hanumangarh District, Rajasthan, India 205 km. It is also identified as being established in the triangle of land at the confluence of Drishadvati and Sarasvathi Rivers.

The prehistoric and pre-Mauryan character of Indus Valley Civilization was first identified by Luigi Tessitori at this site.

After India's independence, both the major Harappan cities together with the Indus became a part of Pakistan and Indian archaeologists were compelled to intensify the search for Harappan sites in India. Director General, Archaeological Survey of India, or ASI) was the first person to recognise this site as Harappan and marked it out for excavations. This earlier phase is labelled Kalibangan-I (KLB-I) or Period-I.

Similarity of pottery relates Kalibangan-I with the Sothi culture because a lot of this pottery was later discovered at Sothi village in North Western India.

Even today, similar ploughing is used for two simultaneous crops in this region, esp. For preservation, this excavated ploughed field area was refilled after excavation and the area was marked by concrete pillar posts. Fabric-A is carelessly potted in spite of use of potter's wheel.