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Each and every day, I’m fighting to challenge the perceptions surrounding chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), whether it’s with well-intentioned family or friends, skeptical medical professionals or random acquaintances who want to sell me the “special” supplement that healed their great aunt.

Walking through life with this disease has been both a battle and a blessing for me over the past three years. It has impacted my health, fitness, social life, finances, living situation, independence and career.

Or I could be kept awake by pain or insomnia all night and function no differently the next day. You won’t see me out of the house when this is the case.

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Dating someone with chronic fatigue syndrome

Discusses support and treatment options and offers links to other sources.

Virus Linked to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Recent research from the National Institutes of Health describing possible links between CFS and a particular virus, which may have implications for future treatment options.

This complex disease can affect all parts of your life and many bodily systems.

A cognitive brain fog clouds your thinking, nausea doubles you over day in and day out, joint and muscle pain throbs and burns and you can’t move, the constant flu-like state, the dizziness when you try to stand and the respiratory distress from when your body is so exhausted that the simple task of breathing becomes a labored affair.

National Library of Health: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A variety of informational resources including a basic overview, information on research, therapies and coping, and CFS-related articles for children and teenage sufferers and those affected.