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"I came up from Victoria where there is a very different style of communication.

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And the last notable feature is the fun love wheel that acts as a random profile selector type wheel of fortune, it has thrown up some interesting matches when we have used I t- and was actually quiet fun to see where it would take us.

We’ve already covered the search-by-looks feature, so lets look at the obligatory “normal search” searching on Loopy Love is a very simple and streamlined process.

Any of the options that you have previously used for a search can be saved and re used at any time, so you don’t have to go through the whole thing every time you feel the need to peruse the database.

They do not offer some of the more usual search criteria – and this we actually found quite strange- But the search all in all was a reasonably clear and effective experience We struggled with this category, in terms of comparing Loopy Love with the other relationship sites that we have reviewed, as they don’t offer the same black and white choices of free or fully paid.

Loopy Love has the same pricing model as its sister site Dating For Parents, however instead of a weekly membership option there is a 3 day trial option instead.