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Dan finds himself torn between his feelings for Serena and Vanessa.Absent: Taylor Momsen as Jenny Humphrey Juliet sends a Gossip Girl blast that starts a very damaging rumor about Serena, saying she has an STD.

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Note: Taylor Momsen who plays Jenny Humphrey, was absent for episodes 1-5 and 7 but still credited. Serena and Blair run into a different Chuck in Paris, and Chuck is reluctant to return to New York with Eva.

Back in New York, Juliet suggests to Nate that tricking Vanessa to be with Dan might be the right thing to remove Dan from the Dan-Serena-Nate love triangle.

Nate discovers that Juliet has been lying about where she lives, and that she is poor.

Dan realizes that he still has feelings for Serena.

Serena and Colin try to resist their desires for each other.