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He then rushed to the scene and noticed her pointing at a metallic flying object.

It was round, with a dome on top, a silvery coat which reflected sunlight, and was hovering in close proximity to them.

Technicians at the University of Cluj thoroughly analyzed the images and had built miniature scale models of the craft to see if the shading corresponds with the depicted maneuvers.

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Subsequent tests were performed on the photographs by various experts and all spoke in favor of the authenticity of the material.

There was no question of the photos being manipulated because editing tools were made available only decades later.

The UFO emitted no sound, as if it was flying without any engines.

The object was moving relatively slow, so Barnea kept his blood cold and hastened to his backpack where he had his camera.

Florin graduated from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine at Yeshiva University in 1970.