Dating a homeless man

The other, myself, a 24-year-old man who he met in the basement of a gay, leather bar and has been dating for five short months.

New as I was, I wanted to remain a fixture in his life, and that meant taking out his wife. I wasn't exactly sure how my boyfriend was going to respond to the idea, but much to my surprise, he loved it. " he said, unable to control the excitement in his voice. I could see it evolving into something sexual if we so chose, but it was less than a date-date.

We didn't like the thought of him moping around alone at home while his two loves were out having fun together.

Someone who will be a part of my life, in some capacity, the extent of which we will choose together.

And this date would set the tone of our independent relationship.

In front of me was someone whose life and decisions would directly affect my well-being and relationship with the man I love. Her other relationships, her family, her struggles, her pet peeves, and everything else. Of course, by the end of the night, conversation naturally steered its way to the biggest thing, or rather person, we had in common.

I suppose it was inevitable."You're the best thing that's happened to him since our marriage.

It was clear my relationship with her husband wasn't going to end any time soon, and to pretend that our decisions don't directly affect one another is naive. He'll be in a crummy mood and will most likely lean on me for support.