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Edgar Hoover's ghostwriter, speechwriter - took care of all the correspondents and his office was two doors down from Mr. And growing up, my sister and I loved the FBI tour. (LAUGHTER) GUNN: And I turned to my sister and I said, upon reflection, I know it was years and years ago - doesn't it strike you as odd that Hoover wasn't in the office? One capsule review characterized it (or maybe some other film? There was an issue with the Mafia, the various Italian crime families, and their relationship with the FBI.

And this one particular year, I was nine or 10 and my sister was therefore six or seven. (LAUGHTER) In Oliver Stones Tv series The Untold History of the United States he says that after Hoovers death a box of B&W photos were recovered. ) as "History as a comic book." Does anyone remember this? For years, under Hoover's watch, the FBI denied there was such an organization as the Mafia or that organized crime itself existed.

“It wasn’t that I was committed to a man, it was that I was committed to a person, I really loved him,” she says. A Melbourne-based opinion and entertainment writer, Mel plunders her daily encounters, cultural surroundings and the fascinating lives of others for drama an intrigue.

Thankfully she is now officially divorced and has glorious, admirable perspective. She writes for online entertainment publication The Blurb and has had over 30 reviews printed in The Canberra Times, Geelong Advertiser and Ballarat Courier.

My friend had of course asked Tim ‘when did it all start?