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Keyword censorship is not uniform across China’s apps and websites.

Different apps might censor different words at any given time, using different methods.

A generation ago, who would have thought that anyone could launch a talk show and win millions of viewers?

A television format had to go through a rigorous vetting process-and tons of money in investment-before it could be aired on the tube, and it still must.

But Salibra also found an equally puzzling set of code: A list of sexually charged phrases like “hookup buddy” and “get a room” had been flagged as “foul.” Users who attempt to enter them in a chat room will receive a warning message, either in Chinese or English depending on the app settings.

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    In the coastal regions of Kenya, for example, 30 per cent were residents and 70 per cent of the abusers were foreign: Italians (18 per cent), Germans (14 per cent), Swiss (12 per cent), with tourists coming from Uganda and the United Republic of Tanzania fifth and sixth on the list. Similar to the domestic Megan's Law (named after Megan Kanka of New Jersey), which provides for community notification when a sex offender is living in the area, H. 110 of the alleged online abusers were based in the UK and another 254 were traced to computers in the US.

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