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Not into the idea of creating a full-blown dating profile? As opposed to a matching algorithm that evaluates your answers to various questions, Tinder is all about first impressions — your photos are the most prominent part of your profile.

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Since our tester was a straight woman, her experience with online dating is weighted more toward receiving messages than sending messages.

(According to a study from Ok Cupid, the majority of women don’t send the first message in online dating conversations — but they get great results when they do.) To keep our judgments as objective as possible, we used a rubric to categorize each message: Unfortunately — but perhaps not all that surprisingly — the majority of the messages we received on traditional dating sites were mediocre or downright bad. To send someone a message, both users have to indicate they’re interested by “swiping right” on their profile.

But almost all of them were suspiciously short, spammy, or just plain rude.

Zoosk took it one step further — you’ll pay a monthly subscription for low-quality matches.

But of course, without your voice, it’s hard for your personality to shine through in your profile.

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