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In the front doorway was a man dressed in a UPS uniform. In Love’s bedroom, they found two laptops, and a PC tower humming on his desk.

Among the bewildering Rolodex of open tabs in Love’s internet browsers, the officers found accounts logged into several hacker forums and arcane internet chatrooms.

Love, who was subsequently diagnosed with Asperger syndrome – a form of autism that causes him to fret and obsess – did press-ups in his cell until, in the early hours of the morning, he fell into a brief and fitful sleep.

Later that day, still without any clear indication of what he was supposed to have done, Love was released with pre-charge bail conditions that he surrender his passports (one British, one Finnish) and agree to only access the internet while using his real name.

Downstairs, Love, who knew that anything said in these limbo moments of investigation could be later used against him, kept the conversation to small talk about the weather and football.