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I had a few people who looked like they might work out but that didn't quite happen as you can see from the lack of new reviews.

As such I am renewing my seach for some new reviewers for the site.

That includes possible cheat codes if there is any or any Easter Eggs inside the videos if we find any!

Plus you can utilize the streaming hentai clips and trailers section to help you find what tickles you fancy!

If you're a fan of Japan, we're here to help you find what's good and avoid what's not.

For those that do not know, I’m a self made millionaire and I live in Kumamoto-shi Japan originally from the USA.

I own a couple other hentai based sites that are based around adult cartoons. We review this shit properly so you really know what the fuck is going on.

Zenith Chronicles is the first release from Mango Drop Games and is a bishoujo-esque title that gives you both an in-depth storyline along with a plethora of sidescroller action to test your mettle.